Employing only the very best talent,  ‘The Inside Guy’ team is made up of experts in  creative marketing and photography with over 25 years of experience. And for the record, we’re not only guys!

As specialists in 360°virtual tours we use our in-depth knowledge to identify the challenges you face in showcasing your business, providing an innovative and engaging solution.


The Inside Guy is a full service photography company specialized in Google Business View and 360 VR Tours. We’re photographers who just love architecture and interior design.

We have the experience and technical expertise to create an immersive journey through your business that generates more direct sales.


Provide an online customer journey as good as your on site experience and improve your ranking in Google search results!


Why would you need a virtual tour to improve your visual storytelling?

Make your business stand out online & rank well on Google (adding a virtual tour on google maps will improve your SEO)

A virtual tour gives people an immersive experience that can’t be matched by flat images. Your customer or future employee can really get a feel for your establishment and this helps to build trust in your brand and improve your employer branding

Virtual tours keep visitors on your website up to 300% longer, meaning they’re much more likely to contact you.

Interactive 3D tours make for some great, engaging social media content that you can use to promote likes and shares for brand awareness




  1. Tell us which spaces you want to share in your Virtual Tour and/or Google Street View for Business

  2. We ‘ll make  you an offer based upon the number of spaces you want to share

  3. We’ll schedule our shooting when your business is ready for it

  4. An ‘The Inside Guy’ photographer will take the 360 pictures (approx. 2 hours)

  5.  The 360 images are stitched into a tour (Google Street View and/or Virtual Tour) in our studio

  6. We respect your privacy and blur faces when wanted

  7. We’ll assist you on the implementation on your website